Dell PowerEdge 1950 III Server (Refurbished)

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    -2 x Intel® Xeon® Processor E5420 Quad-Cores
    (12M Cache, 2.50 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB)
    -32GB DDR2 FBDIMM (8 x 4GB)
    -2 x 146GB 15K RAM SAS HDD
    -Dell SAS 5/iR Controller
    -502W Hot Plug power supply
    -On-Board Dual Port 1GbE LOM
    -8x5 Support with Replacement for 1 Year

    PowerEdge 1950 III Rack Server

    Performance in a Small Form Factor

    The ultra-thin Intel®  based DellTM  PowerEdgeTM  1950 III 2-socket 1U rack server provides maximum performance while requiring minimal space and energy needs, helping to reduce energy and data center costs. The high concentration of computing power and redundancy makes the PowerEdge 1950 III the perfect choice for high performance computing clusters (HPCC), SAN front-end, web and infrastructure applications, especially where data center real estate is at a premium.

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    Performance in a Small Form Factor
    Streamlined Virtualization

    Streamlined Virtualization

    Dell’s PowerEdge 1950 III offers outstanding virtualization performance in a 2-socket 1U server combined with optional, factory integrated virtualization capabilities. Dell continues to simplify virtualization by streamlining virtualization deployment and providing ease of use in virtual infrastructures. By factory integrating VMware®  ESXi 3.5, customers receive VMware capabilities and migration of virtual machines within a few clicks of a mouse.
    Our virtualization-ready server configurations provide an easy path to virtualization through factory-integrated hypervisors and recommended hardware configurations that support an ideal virtual infrastructure.

    Use Energy Optimally

    Power infrastructure and consumption already account for nearly half the cost of a typical data center and could soon represent half of the overall IT budget. To help enterprises address this challenge, the Dell PowerEdge 1950 III includes energy efficient components as well as optional onboard real-time power monitoring capabilities that can help reduce unnecessary power consumption. Dell is the only tier-one server vendor that is 100% committed to industry standards, which is why this solution adheres to the PMBus specification, enabling interoperability with other vendors’ products. Dell is the only major server vendor to offer a lineup of mainstream servers in which key components have been optimized for low energy consumption; one of these servers is the PowerEdge Energy Smart 1950 III.


    Use Energy Optimally
    Protect your Information

    Protect Your Information

    Since 2005, more than 165 million personal information data records have been compromised in the US alone1. Dell recognizes the growing importance of information security and is committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data – which is why today’s PowerEdge servers are the most secure servers that Dell has ever produced.

    The PowerEdge 1950 III server includes an industry standard Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which securely generates and controls the use of cryptographic keys and provides a hardware random number generator, enabling system authentication and encryption. The internal components on the PowerEdge 1950 III are physically and logically locked down, helping to prevent unauthorized access. For example, customers deploying USB security tokens can install them in the internal USB port. The PowerEdge 1950 III PERC6/i RAID controller also now supports RAID levels 6 and 60, providing fault tolerance even in the event of a failure of two hard disks.

    Enhance Performance

    The PowerEdge 1950 III server helps support the performance your business needs to meet ever expanding application and data requirements. As your business grows, the requirement for reliable, responsive server performance increases. The capabilities provided by the latest generation of Intel®  Xeon®  64-bit dual and quad-core processors allow enhanced performance as well as improved data and application consolidation. Improved network interfaces on the PowerEdge 1950 leverage the improved processor performance to provide organizations a cost-effective method to enhance crucial network availability.


    Intel® Xeon® Processor
    Simplify Management

    Simplify Management

    Complex IT environments typically mean higher IT costs. The PowerEdge 1950 III includes features which help to simplify server deployment and consolidation tasks. Dell delivers fully assembled and highly tested machines that don’t require expensive integration services. Remote management options including Wake-on-LAN and iSCSI boot help increase network manager productivity. The PowerEdge 1950 III also helps ease local system administration with its internal USB port and optional internal DVD.